The super Death metal fanzine, this is kinda what the editor of MYSTICAL MUSIC achieved to do with this new issue, because it contains many of the looked-after bands from the current "half underground" scene, featured in quite good articles, and so if you like this kind of metal there would surely be something for your interest somewhere...
The interviews are quite long and cool. The layout is clear (Maybe a bit too simple), computer made with drawings in the margins (A la Slayer mag). There are also quite a lot of reviews.
Now one could complain about the interest, quality or morbidity of this or that band (DEICIDE in 2008? DISFEAR in a pure Death zine? Etc...) but as often it's matters of tastes and one should be a bit more than a "critical listener" to release this kind of big, death devoted, 86 pages zines, and must have crossed at least few degrees of morbid fanaticism...
It's his first English written issue, as he quotes SOD with "Speak english or die", there probably weren't enough German readers anymore...
There's also a CDr compilation inside.
So, even if it's not totally perfect, this new issue will contain enough quantity and passion to catch the interest of death metallers at the corner of more than a few pages... Do you own your copy?

Interviews: Resurrection, Deicide, Bloodbath, Facebreaker, Daniel Ekeroth, Hail of bullets, Spearhead, Unanimated, Disfear, Arsis, Treblinka, Mr Death, Fatalist, Graveyard, Grotesque, Deranged, 21 Lucifers, The rotted, Demiurg, Mourning beloveth.

c/o Ralf Hauber, Emerlandweg 11, 73529 Strassdorf, Germany.