Trapped in a giant pulsating pus pulsar of abstract atrocities, your only escape is to strongly hang on something concrete... Something that's not built upon a pile of electrons... So a little fanzine will be the right affair, or it won't?
What you could see here is a small aficionadozine composed of 16x A5 pages that generally seem to talk about the current old school genres, but this issue is more Death metal than anything. There are three interviews with DOMAINS, ABHORROT and ASCENDED that are not so long and contain the usual "old school" questions, but at least I learnt a bit more about these bands... It also contains some reviews, a live report and some flyers. The layout is cut'n paste, some pages remind me some issues HELLPIKE released few years ago (Maybe due to the bullet belt margins or the fact texts were cut and paste from words written with a typing machine (Or something like that)).
The first thing to be improved is the front cover, this drawing is too average to be the first visual approach, then longer interviews could also be something good.
This is a small fanzine with the word "Fan" in quite bold letters, it doesn't show so much ambition or stress to kill (The editor even calls it a newsletter himself), somewhere it's not very far from the first issue of ABHORRENT DECAY if you want a comparison.
If the editor wants to make it bigger and become a real zine, injecting more personality and inner pains would be needed, but if he doesn't want to make it grow, this paper could remain a small provider of deep underground information to those who will get it for free (Wasn’t it for free? Or in trade for a good box of emptiness? Ahah). This was released by the bassist of ATARAXY.

c/o Eduardo M. R., c/ Estacion 4 48, 50014 Zaragoza, SPAIN.
Email: mugrenewsletter(a)