Here's the second vomissue of this underground based rotting pile of putrid paper! Eventhough the first issue was a big zine, this new one is smaller (Newsletter size) apparently because of some problems. The zine is now putridly vomitted in english, with interviews covering both underground death metal, brutal death and black metal: ENTHRONED, GOREROTTED, BLOODSHED (Fra), OUROBOROS, HYPOKRAS, MITHRAS, LUST OF DECAY, INTERNAL SUFFERING, OSSUAIRE, SNOWY SHAW/ NOTRE DAME. Some of these ints are really too short, while some are long enough and cool to impregnate in decomposing flesh raping green putrefaction. What I like in MORGUE is the underground and quite rotten state of mind: they happen to use some crass, dirty words and nice putrid/ depressive images to descript their feelings (Try to find that on the web...). On the other hand, the choice of bands and the guys' tastes do not fit what I enjoy half of the time, but it's a matter of tastes and theirs aren't running on my nerves, contrary to those of so many "metal webzines"! Their next issue shall be a real big one with a bunch of putrefaction, rancid nausea and perverse writings. Some very decent scriptures from hell with a good old underground spirit! The underground storms eternally!
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c/o Devilment'zine, "michaut",47150 Gavaudun. FRANCE.