Yeah! More Polish zines to rest in putridity.
I wonder what happens in this country... Maybe paper is cheaper than Internet accesses? Anyway, this time I'll be able to have a clearer idea of the content, because even if all the morbidious pages from this third issue are in polish, the editor had the good idea to print me some English translations! (For the foreign bands...) So my reviews of the current polish mania won't taste too much as "cheating" anymore Héhé.
MORBIDIOUS PATHOLOGY is a quite fat (62 pages), A4 sized zine mostly dealing with the sounds of the dead: Death metal and brutal death! Hourah! Hourah! And the computer layout is quite tight and compressed, so there's quite a lot of content (Sometimes it might be a bit too clear or lacking of pictures, but the most important is an easy reading of the whole...)
Now, concerning these translated interviews, I can say that I find it interesting, or sometimes more original than the usual music questions, the editor goes quite deep in the cranium of this patients while exploring matters such as history, religion or other serious matters... And it turns out to be the most interesting in the cases of ARES KINGDOM or MONOLITH DEATHCULT (Are they trying to provocate peoples for the only sake of self promotion? Huh). There are also other inties with FERMENTO, CIANIDE, RUDRA or EMBRIONAL.
I must also say some of his reviews are quite long, for example he occurs to review a single zine in a half page (Small font size, around 7 or 8); I don't know if it's filled with drunk polish jokes or serious matters, but according to the content of the translated interviews my internal balance would rather seriously tend to the second solution.
With the elements I have in hand, I could say MORBIDIOUS PATHOLOGY is a serious and extensive zine that might (Strongly?) please Polish-readers who like Death metal and brutal death more than a little bit...

c/o Arek Jendzicki, Sokola 4/50, 44117 GLIWICE, POLAND.