Paper zines. Pope her zines. Poppers zines! Oh yes, so all zine readers are homo sexuals who take a lot of meds to restrain their bloodyheadaches from exploding more anal wars? Uh Oh... Anyway it's what some poofty smellers might think once reading the zine name and seeing the eroded toxicomaniac girl's face on the cover... But hopefully we aren't into enjewelling our assholes with heroic tools of penetration (Yet? Ah Ah) so just put your voracious eyes into these 32 A5 cut'n paste pages...
And what we see rather deals with experimental and noisy kinds of (no-)music like harsh noise and random electronic chaos... If your retinas are hungry enough (And not too fucked?) you might learn more about noise "artists" (This word sounds a bit too "arrogant" in my hears) such as NOVASAK, SLICING GRANDPA or JOHN WIESE during some okey interviews,
or you could also read some few reviews, or some flyers... I noticed there's quite a lot of paste pictures,
and some pages don't contain many infos, it might be more for the decorative side of the thing... But it doesn't bother me since I got this zine for free in a noisy package (Maybe some peoples would like to be paid some fee or something, for the time they spent reading a FREE zine they didn't really like? Ah Ah Ah! Now in 2008, some guys' pickiness and egocentric views are too exhausting).
This is a nice noise zine, like many others, who kinda scream for independence in a world where clicking has became more than a habit...
More paper... More paper... More poppers! Where's the snail mail?
Only found this email: