Let me breath! There's too much of consanguinity in the air!
This minizine takes the form of a 16xA5 pages newsletter dealing mostly with metal (Rather death, black, thrash, heavy).
Most of the content seems focused on underground bands from Spain, it's written in Spanish, and the cover says it's given for free.
The computer layout isn't super exciting, but it's quite cool under some angles... Sometimes it reminds me of French IN EXTREMIS minus the horror comics artworks (But I didn't read this "zine" for some time now, he became too tolerant with radical politics) or some BESTIAL EXPERIENCE (R.I.P) Newsletters.
Inside of the fishnet stockings of the gothic slut you will find an interview of TRANSYLVANIA, some live reports (Brutalmeria festival and Nexus), a couple of reviews, a little article about "La realidad almeriense", some news, some forthcoming gig dates, lyrics of few metal songs and some metal adds... I'm very descriptive, and I know some peoples would have preferred me to describe with more details what happens in the fishnets, but this webzine isn't about fishermen and smelly fishes of utter rottenness.
Unfortunately for my hungry hands, I found this issue as a Pdf file (Searching Google for zines to download under various angles)... So I'm not able to guarantee on Mr Vincent's underwears this was printed for real, but I guess it was.
I saw on Metalmeria's website a third issue was released in 2010, so maybe it's still active as a paper publication... (And if you have doubts, you could fly to Usa and ask  Mr Vincent, he would be very pleased to teach you the joys of pink underwears and other funny toys).
Email: Metalmeria(a)