Macabre Pest is a new underground paper zine from Santiago Chile that supports old school and brutal kinds of metal with two big balls being so heavy that the faces of weak glam poseurs can only turn to putrid-green, in front of such strong power! Ah Ah!

In this new vomissue, you will find interviews with EXTINCTION AGENDA, HELLSPAWN, ETERNAL DARKNESS CREATIONS and HATEFUL, plus flyers, reviews, a biography and the 'usual' underground stuffs from a proud metallic past.
The interpukes are quite long enough for my putrid tastes, a problem might be half the questions aren't so developed, or only in the "Fuck you! I'm death and drunk" style, but that seems to please drunk fans of underdrunk metal of drinking death! This cut and paste zine isn't very long (16 pages), but I guess it's sold for a cheap price... Some bands with two big balls will like to be reviewed in there (I wouldn't advice asexual or castrated metal bands to try their luck in there héhé), and some drunk fukkers will like to read it... So, drink the vomissue 2, for it shall keep on spreading its putrid nauseous semen in the voracious hole of your cancerous throat.