Unholy juice of the flesh, appealing pulp of the morbid womb.
Strongly boiling in the depths, we'll extract you to the light.

We are the womb extirpators.
The deep cavern infiltrators.
The livid cream canalizators.

These are the lyrics' lines I could use if I played in a Gore metal band la old EXHUMED (Especially split with Hemdale... Wouldn't it be nice to hear the "Corpse cunt nectar" chorus with both low gory and high-pitched crazy vocals at the same time?) but I don't, so let's write a review.
LEGION OF TORTURE is an underground fanzine I read since a few issues, the editor is also involved in other underground activities such as a small distro/ tape label, and a band (Death invoker), so we do some underground business.
The content of the zine is focused on old school and Underground (Did you see the underlined capital letter "U"? It's important) metal, without much love for things modern...
The tastes show positive opinions for the kinds of metal that were born in/ or derived from the 80's of 90's genres.
To the contrary of some retro zines, L.O.T might be a bit wilder, and the editor happens to be talkative and send some piles of questions (Bricks?) in the face of the interviewed bands (Victims?); so this can be quite filled with infos and stuffs...
Now the English isn't perfect, so it could bug your cranial underground adapter if you didn't get the version able to translate quite "fukked" English (Well, I exaggerate a bit, with a little effort you can understand).
I should also say the content is a bit too underground/ conservative for my tastes and I occur to wonder were the juicy aspect or the "G-point" are located in some of the bands' music, but it could be a matter of radioactive tastes (And I'm possibly turning a bit old, and lazy, and not giving a care if music doesn't speak to me instinctively and instantaneously?), but now my vomiting of personal thoughts is over I can say it could also please deep Underground (Did you notice the "U" in capital underlined letter? It's important) maniacs because there's quite a lot of content and it might not be as usual as some too-encyclopedic necro metal zines.
These 32 x A4 pages also contain quite a lot of reviews, and some live reports.
The layout was done with a computer, with small sized text: On a visual point of ice-pick it's not fancy, but it's compressed and no space is wasted.
I think you have enough infos to judge if your internal Geiger counter could be attracted by the radiations of L.O.T.
It's time for me to hunt more corpse womb, hope my rancid vaginal waves detector won't bug and lock me on ugly bulldogs this time...

Interviews: Abhorrot, Caligula, Disinter, Demonic cremator, Sartegos, Paganfire, Necrofagore, Croix mortis, Evil spectrum...

c/o Juan Carlos Alarcon Ruiz, Av. Aviacion 2459, San Borja, Lima 41, PERU.
Email: Legionoftorture(a)hotmail.c