A fanzine using this kind of name surely deals with... Folk music praising the Scandinavian Mythology? (You know, Thor riding the winds with his iron hammer..).
But no, I'm wrong. Too much sea-boredom and useless sand-winds probably altered my perceptions.
What you have here is a new zine from the new wave of retro "Metal with two big balls" cut'n paste paper publicators who slowly invade the underground. As you probably guessed, the styles to be featured are thrash, heavy, Death, black, without any trace of modernity, and Metal is the only law here.
Now, let's put our crooked noses deeper in the content of this poseur-bowel molestor issue one: For a first issue there's quite a lot of content: The interviews are long enough (Generally at least 15 questions, at best almost 30) and the content is quite like a relaxed cool maniac, who didn't forget to feel, or never forgets his metal will... There are quite a lot of enthusiastic reviews.
Now, there's kinda the same problem than some other "retro as fuck/ old school as possible" current "new" fanzines, it seems the editors are too positive and their reviews really praises some bands while it's nothing skull breaking or particularly bitch-defenestrating. Sometimes it seems they're happy as long as it's old styled metal with a real metal atmosphere... I can understand that, but a little bit more criticism and analysis would be welcome... It might naturally come with the 2nd or 3rd issue, or when they  will need to inject strange stuffs in their daily beers (So that it will always work with the same effect Ah Ah).
To conclude, this fanzine might please the maniacs who like the enthusiasm from the current retro/ old school Metal wave. Those who do not really like METAL that much might look anywhere else for more safety, because the reading of these lines might let them sometimes feel "They arent metal enough, so they might as well be dead"... For those who have no problem with older "close minded" meanings of Metal, it could be a cool (Sold out! Argh) read.

Interviews: Evil angel, Exorcism, Ruins, Atomic roar, Metalucifer, Iron bonehead recs, Infernal death, Baphomet's blood, Witchchurse

c/o Marius "Jeff" Greza, Banrain 10, 73660 Urbach, GERMANY.