This fanzine could also have been titled "Invocation of the obese gods" as I'm feeling the vibes emanating from these pages and the breath of the multiple voracious leeches has quite a lot to do with the smell of fat, ugly and nasty music. This is between Metal and hardcore, preferably the quite beating ones, and we're talking about Death metal, grindcore, crustcore, black metal (Rather the thrashing) or noisecore, with a little of experimental music.
This is the fanzine of a guy who doesn't follow too much the last hipsting tendencies of the click, but prefers to talk about some bands he knows and likes... So you won't find the usual promozine-friendly names, neither trucks of the most underground-as-none outfits, it's more something like the materialization of a personal music collection under the form of interviews, reviews and few articles. The interviews aren't bad, it remains quite cool to read even if the band in question isn't really or your boiling tastes.
The editor should be around 30-35 years old, if that helps you to locate the "relaxed" content better.
I can't say I dig as much all the bands being inside of these pages, because I'm not a big Core fan, and for example Nunslaughter, oh well... But that's how it is when you travel a bit further than the borders of your own world and close circles of likings.
The layout is quite cool, computer done, maybe it lacks a bit of pictures but it has a little vibe that reminds me of In Extremis newsletter (With not so small fonts... When I used to read it), or eventually some mid-old Foedus Aeternus (Less enjewelled with Photoshop frenzy) or super-eventually some Demons Jail #2 (For some visual nastiness).
I.O.O.G could be a quite cool zine for you to read and rest after a long day of quite hard physical work, if you think your musical spectrum is quite compatible with this list of interviewed bands: THE KILL, CSMD, ANTISEEN, ABIGAIL, NUNSLAUGHTER, RUPTURE (Let me add some names from the reviewed ones: Amebix, Machetazo, Lycanthropy, Sonne adam, Breathilizor, Final Exit, Deche charge, Winter, Mesrine, Poopy necroponde, Splattered splitter…).
The ferocious dogs invoke the obscene gods, with their bitings, with their hate.
c/o Douglas Long, Po Box 704, Hebron,
KY 41048, USA.
Email: dudehate(a)