You missed fanzine reviews? I did... But when there's no new zine that seems to be quite interesting, I won't order or trade anything and get spiritual aids and share sterile weakness with the readers, just to talk about zines... So maybe my internal karma kumulator had gained too much of negative energy, started to be longing for crunchy zines and I kinda turned in a magnetic beast that automatically attracts cool underground publications?... Not really, it's rather quite poor in reality, but I received this quite cool newsletter that mostly deals with old school metal such as Death, black, thrash, in the rather ugly forms.
More than half of the 6 pages is composed of interviews (TERRORAMA: Quite cool and shows some integrity or "no follower" state of mind. MORBID INSULTER: Regular and quite decent, but regular. IMPERATOR: Recycling older inties to make some new stuff with olds).
I like the fact the "notation" in the quite numerous reviews varies from a band to another, it looks quite natural and logical for a human listener with a brain... (Even if sometimes you read a quite average review, and then the following band is said to be so great, but in reality it sucks! Ah Ah... More matters of putrid tastes...)
The layout was all computer done but looks quite cool and quite old school (Rather in a "necro" way).
It's just a newsletter made by a metal fan or something, nothing to blow a fuse and put your head in the red hot furnace, but it's quite cool and was (Maybe?) nicer than what I got used to on the web...
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