Are you ready for one second of pure cult? You won't experience it again, so prepare yourself and be totally concentrated... Ok?
Here we go: "Pure cult!!!"...
Ah! It was so good, now you can go back to your usual snake charming activities while I will talk about this fanzine.
Ok, it's not new anymore but it took some time until I could read it, probably because the editor relocated from Philippines to Singapore (And here money doesn't flow from waterfalls, except in Davao city maybe if they call PO Boxes "waterfalls' AhAh).
Now you read "Philippines", you probably understood the content is underground focused, without much trendy "big names", but this zine might be less fukked/ average than some other philippino pus-blications I read.
The content is mostly about brutal death/ Death metal with a bit of thrash and neighbor styles. Let's look closer at the interviews, some aren't bad and are personalized enough in a quite usual manner, while some are too short and repeat the same common questions (Reminds me of pre-Internet fanzines when the goal of some was to spread information at all metallic costs). Obviously I prefer the longest ones (Did you ever get an orgasm with a small one? Hmmm) and would prefer fewer but longer ones (After all it's not about the quantity of semen... Or is it?). There are shitloads of short reviews, while reading it I could imagine the writer was an American guy located in Texas and keyboard punching about the brutality of the records. Kind of direct brutal enthusiasm, you know.
The visual aspect was made in a text editor, with columns, few pictures from here and there, and a cover for each record... Nothing special, but at least it's easily readable.
I'm not certain if this zine is still active (It also used to be a webzine... So both might not survive), it's not one of the best bruta-zines I read as a bit more torturing questions could optimize the mindworms' absorbing interest, but in these current months were brutal death zines aren't many I wouldn't bother receiving an issue 6 in my waterfall... Hum, postage box.

Interviews: Archaic argot, Bloodshedd, Brimstone in fire, Death after birth, Disconformity, Genital grinder, Human mastication, Infected malignity, Inhuma dissiliency, Kronos, Malignancy, Orchidectomy, Paganfire, Resurrected, Vomit remnants, Waco jesus.

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