To begin a fanzine about vinyl recordings, on a bestial musical background, isn't a bad idea... But I can't say I was positively surprised with this first chapter of HELLSOUND! The big problem lies in the fact the English of the writer is bad! This couldn't be so bad when the editor only asks questions... but in this case the guy also translated most of the bands' answers with the crushing weapon of his bad English! And let me tell you it's quite hard to understand it... I even happen to wonder if he used the cheap- google- translator or not... Since most of the questioned bands are French (BAEL, ANTAEUS, INKISITOR, ANTAEUS + ORDEALIS Records) while there's only a single foreign band (ABOMINATOR), the whole looks quite "disastrous". Keep in mind it's always possible to write an issue in your mother language (especially when most of interviewed bands are French...)
The zine is focused on raw black metal and black/ death or war metal... I regret the concept of the "Vynil cult fanzine" didn't go much far than few simple questions about this format, and reviews of vinyls... It would have been possible (and really better) to ask quite lengthy questions about the love for Lps, how the stuffs are made, kept in good conditions, and to write articles about various vinyl subjects...
Conclusion: What you have are (almost only) quite short and simple interviews in bad English, reviews that lack of deepness and opinions, and a very superficial "Vinyl concept".
Nothing enough to make of this first issue anything else than another very average fanzine... Who would be quite satisfied with this, nowadays, while many webzines do much better for free? I have real doubts... More guts, feeling and ideas are needed!!
c/o Yohan Marchand, Rue Talon, 21290 BURE LES TAMPLIERS, FRANCE.