Suicidal screams! No need to yell for agony! You’re already dead!
HELLPIKE is another one of these old school paper zines who focus on old styled kinds of metal, do not give a fuck for the current happenings in the “metallic” jet sets and remain bound to their cocoon of metal… as they spread beers everywhere! Beer is the key to this fanzine that was apparently done thanx to the enthusiastic urges of alcoholic feasts! So you can read quite long enough interviews, ok reviews and quite numerous funny live reports (Yah, it’s funny because half of the time the Hellpiker strictly says “Hu! This band sucks! It was the most horrible of the night”! héhé, honesty is welcome). The interviews you might read, if you have beers in stock, are: DARK TRIBE, GOAT SEMEN, HELLISH CROSSFIRE; KRATORNAS, MORRIGAN, NECROKULTURE, PARIA, SECRETS OF THE MOON, TEITANBLOOD, WATAIN, WITCHBURNER
This fanzine is focused on the following metal styles: Thrash/ Black, Black/ Thrash, raw black metal… and few old school or obcure Death metal… So you know what to expect if these styles aren’t of your likings! Sadistic impalement of your half assed ‘metal’ tastes! Ah ah.
All in all it’s a cool zine, I’m not a fan of black metal so I’d be up to discuss the choice of bands and stuffs, but I think those who have the same tastes than the Hellpiker might get into this slut’n paste zine.
C/o Hurrican, Grabenstr. 17, 56575 WEIBENTHURM, GERMANY.