This very underground label usually focused on tapes and CDr of weird and noisy strange black metal bands or old school thrashing beer metal assaults has decided to begin its work on paper.
Instead of a fanzine, I prefer to call this first issue a newsletter, because it's really short.
It contains two interviews with MALVEILLANCE and BONE AWL, with enough questions, eventhough I'd prefer the interviewer to dig deeper in the graves of the victims, to extract more cerebral pulp and madness.
In these inties, you could learn for exemple the guy behind MALVEILLANCE (Crust black metal) likes old styled "rock'n roll" like Elvis Presley, The Kinks or Richie Valens... quite surprising. héhé
I would like HBC to display more of their taste for the thrashing madness in futures issues, because I'm generally not a fan of fukked up noisy black metal.
If you happen to get this newsletter for free, or against the postal cost, you'll get two A5 pages and two A2 pages (or the equal of 12 x A5 pages, the whole isn't folded an usual way, doesn't work bad) that looks quite old styled and cut'n paste.
It seems the second issue will turn into a real zine (or at least something bigger), because the appearance of reviews is announced.
Fukked up black metallers should keep a black eye in there.

c/o K. Folsom, 3944 rue sainte-émilie, Montréal, QC, H4C 2A1, Canada