Now you have a giant Tyrannosaurus rex penis under your nose... What will you do?.. Grind your ass maybe? Héhé.
Well there are too many metal metal zines, we need to re-equilibrate the equilibrium of dementia, so you will read about a grind zine. This one is a few years old, and the subtitle "DIY BLEEUUURRGGGHHH???!!! zine" sums it up quite well; It's a grind zine into the quite crazy state of mind we could see few years ago, it's not really into the punk/ thinking way, so most you will read is about music and things very close. It has a quite chaotic cut'n paste layout that fits. There are a lot of reviews and interviews, the questions are common in the style but it's ok if you want to read it and the English is less fukked than some other Malay zines of the kind; The spirit is close to other Malay/ Filipino grinders though (Crazy crushed toaster mind or something Héhé).
Well not much to say expect he was quite slow to sending his (genital) part of the trade, but life isn't often a long silent river, so...
Consumers into grindcore, noisecore, crustcore and the likes could like reading this zine (Not certain if it could be an orgasmic read, everything you read isn't meant to be so anyway... But if you still insist and need it memorable, you can always try to fold the zine a particular cubic way and insert it deep in your back... If this paper was made from the Malay toxic rice I imagine, it will surely "Grind your ass" like popcorn... Hu?)... Not sure if G.Y.A is still active, but it's not so old, so try your luck and send some genital parts here: MOHD FAIRULAZHA, LOT 2747,  KAMPUNG BARU BELENGU, 28000 TEMERLOH, PAHANG, MALAYSIA. Email : nihilistgrind (a)

In tities: Alchemy of sickess, Civilian, Onani, Mass separation, Killharmonic, Kusart gama kill, Kurwa aparata, Sakatat, Tanjong rambotan, Cranial incisored, Jembalang tanah, Pile of eggs, Vaginal beer…