GORE OF DEATH Newsletter #6

Yes, yes, you will probably begin to complain when you'll see I'm one more time reviewing something written in a tongue I can't understand... "What the fuck? He isn't not able to review records or something he's actually able to understand?" will probably be the strong thoughts of some readers (Red hears?)... But at least I'm developing new alien skills, medium supernatural subterranean powers, and when I'll be old and totally deaf I will probably be able to review records! Ah! Think about it before you bite my hairy ass!
So this newsletter is all written in Russian and contains mostly reviews of underground recordings, there's no country of predominance and it deals with many kinds of underground (Which remains metal in the Metal meaning of the word... Death metal, thrash, black and the affiliates). These approximately 40 reviews aren't so long, I would say it was the normal length in a publication from 1998.
Eventhough it's all Russian written, I find it quite funny you could get a small idea of the band's music: Let your eyes automatically follow the words until you understand something... And what you will understand is the kind of music, or the band-names quoted as influences (Since only these words appear in English).
This might not seem to be an appealing thing to do in recent years of "Click and find it before you search", but I'm a bit tired of finding things I didn't want at all before knowing what I wanted to search for... So maybe some "harder" ways aren't so bad.
There's also a small interview of a band called KAISAR NERON.
The layout is simple: Text, text and text (Expect for the interview), but at least you could read the whole with enough clarity (If you could understand the Russian tongue).
The editor also trades music (A physical way).
C/O Valery V. Sidorov, Do Vostrebovania, 450083 Ufa 83, RUSSIA.
Email: hyrcus88(a)