ROTTEN, OVERLOADED and in need for BRUTAL ALCOHOLIC SEX!! This is the kind of long-running zine one can only enjoy with a brutal thrash metal background like SODOM/ OBSESSED BY CRUELTY or KREATOR/ PLEASURE TO KILL!! For the simple fact the editor is a nostalgic of the early Thrash metal days! It can be felt and smelt into these metal-as-fuck pages! All in all the zine is focused on Thrash metal (the old way) and Black metal (a rather raw an unmelodic vein). The editor don't like most of Death metal, expect for the ancient one. Now I've switched on the "Better off dead" Lp, I can tell you these pages are full of interviews with PROTECTOR, GOAT SEMEN, DESTROYER 666, BESTIAL MOCKERY, ALTAR OF PERVERSION, ETERNAL MAJESTY, EMIT, SATANIC WARMASTER, METAL BLOOD Music, KILL, ANWIL, FACE OF EVIL, ZARATHUSTRA, MOONTOWER, AURA MYSTIQUE Prod, SARGEIST, LEVIATHAN  could be found! This sounds and actually tastes cool to read these lines, but I think some questions could go deeper in the deepness of hell! Some questions are a bit too 'light' for me, but that remains okey. I'm not a big fan of the reviews because it deals with quite a lot of Black metal (héhé) and sometimes it could be an entertaining idea to kick their spiked ass... It might be too descriptive? But all in all, it's an almost professional looking zine that will offer a pleasant and obscure enough reading for those who like real METAL and are into this kind of hellish and beer injected music for more than few years, to the point of strong worshipping! Try it and make your own mind because: THE SAW IS THE LAW! I'm not sure the zine is still running, but contact him or browse his nice website to know more.