It seems like the good old slogan "Are you metal enough for that?" will perfectly fit this new issue of ETERNAL FIRE! Because it has taken quite some time for the editor to release this new issue, he has gained a lot of articles and interviews in his metal bag, and what you could read there is fucking massive! This last word, synonymous with heaviness, doesn't simply stand for the quantity of interviews, but also the quantity of content in itself (Héhé): Most of these interviews are fucking long and detailed, some contain so many infos you should really want to learn more about the band and reach some kind of maniacal fanatic state of emergency to carefully read everything! Will you be metal enough for that? Héhé. There are also quite a lot of reviews, it's quite developed and written in a serious/ cool state of mind. Maybe more criticism toward sucking bullshits would be nice, but I think the editor has reviewed quite a lot of things he likes. Some of the chronicled items aren't very fresh anymore, but it's how it is when a 124 page zine is finally released... The lay out is Ok: It's serious, a bit repetitive, but the text size is small and so much more content could be inserted... And you are there to read, not to watch pictures, ok?
This is great to read this kind of interviews, it could remind the works of BLOOD OF THE ANCIENT (R.I.P or on pause?) or maybe Frank from VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE. This is a really cool informative issue that was built for those who like metal that actually sounds like metal (Call it "Old school" if you wish)... I wouldn't be surprised to see some peoples consider ETERNAL FIRE #4 as some kind of milestone in their collection, not because of the personality (Because it's a METAL zine whose spirit doesn't really differ from the cool old styled METAL zines… Maybe apart from the strong presence of exotic scenes) but because there's so much cool content and informations that it's impressive... I didn't achieve to read more than half until now... ARGH!

Interviews: Mortem, Incrust, Saram, Dying embrace, Cacodaemon, Revenge, Kratornas, Deformity, Disforterror, Headhunter D.c., Mezzula, Duel, Tonyn destructor, Fastkill, Black angel, Krieg, Necropsia, Grenade, Morbid upheaval, Maar, Ironsword, Wytchkraft, Dominus xul, Exterminator, Thornafire, Torfrom, Embalmed, Ordealis recs, Vrykolakas, Sabbat, Yawar inti productions…

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