Fanzines take so much space it's incredible.
It could fulfill your bedroom as it hides everywhere: Under your table, all around your computer, under your bed, over your bed, inside of your bed... You could even go to bed with a beautiful zine, and wake up with an ugly one under arms...
Well, do you really have a sexual life with zines? Ah Ah.
In the absence of sexual activity, we should talk about zine-reading activity with this new publication coming from USA.
At the first approach, the layout and first couple of pages gave me the impression of a fuck-zine la DEFIANCE OF GOTHIC NIRVANA, but it fastly turns into regular zineview and the content isn't aggressive, it's much more a kind of relaxed fanzine...
The first interviews aren't too long, questions are short and answers aren't much longer, hopefully it turns better with the next ones of BURNING WITCH, BLOOD CEREMONY, PENTAGRAM or COUNT RAVEN... It's still not reading extasy, but it's longer... The questions would need more thought to explore more penetrating landscapes.
The visual aspect takes a bit of everything: Some cut'n paste, some totally computer made, a bit of shred'n glue... Globally it's not hard to read expect for one or two interviews.
I didn't see reviews, instead you have flyers (Old and new), some "sickness" related newspaper cuts and few silly drawings.
So ENDTIMES is a relaxed underground fanzine that reminds me of the fan-zines you could see years before the internet, it's not ambitious at all but contains some quite cool moments. .. With a bit more of depths and work it could turn into something nice as a quite psychedelic bubblegum for those into old metal or rather doomyfying stuffs... But I'm not sure if this zine will go on, because my letter came back with something like "Wrong adress" printed on the enveloppe...