Those who think the old styled underground is too predictable and boring should keep their eyes opened... They probably didn't look at the right place or search enough (Obviously surprises won't run after the intensive sofa-sleepers...Beers aren't exactly captors of surprising sins)... Read what appeared in my mailbox: I expected to receive a new zine, but ohhhhh... What I got in this package was unexpected, it looks so small and tiny that I wondered what it was! Ah Ah! It might be A7 or A8 sized, just a little bigger than a tape booklet. It's 8 pink pages long, self-made, hand-written and deals mostly with Swedish thrash or death metal. You can see an advert for VIC VIOLENCE Distro, short reviews of DIE HARD, TRIBULATION, IMPERIALIST and UNDERGANG plus a short article about ELECTRICUTION... I didn't learn much concerning these bands (It's really short) and the editor probably didn't spend a lot of hour(s) to produce this first issue... But I guess it was funny to do, and since it's for free why not?. For the future, I hope he'll insert more content and smaller text sizes, but the format is not a problem at all (It might even become a touch of personality... Refresh your death!).