Flesh and unflesh,
Melted together in an amalgam of putrescion.
I had a couple more of zines written in polish under the hand, but it wouldn't have been fun to dissect one in the same language again... So let's have a look at this fanzine from Lithuania, whose pages are all written in Lithuanian.
The content remains quite underground (As far as I know) and the editor has quite eclectic tastes in metal (I saw some thrash, black, death, heavy, doom, melodic something, melodic thrash, progressive metal... I imagine the editor likes a bit of everything, unless it's too modern like current "deathcore" or something)
Inside of the quite clean looking pages (Layout was computer made), you will mostly find interviews (About 50% to 75% are lengthy enough, others are shorter), and there are reviews.
I appreciate the fact no space is wasted, and some texts (The reviews) are even quite fucking compact (You will need to turn your Google glasses on the "Grandma searching for grandpa's cock" mode…).
This issue isn't that long, it contains 20 x A4 pages, but since no space is wasted it doesn't seem to be so short either... (To use the words "premature ejaculation" wouldn't be fair, because I see the spermatozoids (Letters and words) resulting from more than a single "ejaculation" of the mind.
That's all, this was a new chapter of "The fanzines I don't understand" reviews and I hope you will appreciate the "inhuman effort" I made once again reviewing a fanzine without reading the content... (With or without Google glasses, I can see through the pages of unflesh!)

Interviews: Demon eye, Fen, Desaster, Kpematop, Kadavar, Maelstrom, Lecherous nocturne, Burned in blizzard, The evil dead, Pekla, Araquiel, A transylvanian funeral, Cough, Hell music, Toxik, Megazetor,  Berserker, Metal messiah, Enmachined, Warstrike 666, Misth...

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