This is not new and brightee and freshly released, but who gives a broken-glass-fuck since there's still something to read and this publication seems to remain in existence? Cyber slurper... DEPTH CHARGE is an Australian fanzine based on extreme metal and according to the location, you will probably imagine it has quite a lot to do with black metal in the fukked way and other things like that... The content has quite a lot to do with war metal and black death, even though traditional heavy metal, beer injected thrash and old school Death can find their place sometimes... The spirit of the content is apparently quite alcoholic driven, with some fukk and bone crunch, it can be felt sometimes they aren't too geographically far from SAD EX. There's some die hard state of mind, but hopefully for the reader it's not devoid of criticism (Which sometimes lack in the "Die hard" zines. You know... Everything Metal Metal is good... Giving so much respect to a point own opinions get lost etc) and you can occur to read some nice critics about all the vynil bootleg bullshit, some quite sharp reviews and other nice things like that.
Now, concerning the choice of featured or interviewed bands I have mixed potato feelings, as always it's a matter of tastes... But as well as many war metal/ black death zines a part of the highlighted outfits keeps me almost cold... You could read some interpurges with FLAME, PROCLAMATION (What's so good about their music?), VICTIMIZER, GRIPPIUD (Is it really such a revelation? Never heard about), WURM (Do they answer snail mail?), CIRITH UNGOL, HELLISH CROSSFIRE (They have many things to say!), KARNARIUM (Keeping it necro), KRATORNAS (Doesn't he run a project called "Kakatornas"?), DENOUNCEMENT PYRE, FUNERARY PIT, ASSAULTER, DARKTHRONE (Old interview reprint... Interesting), IMPALED NAZARENE (Old intie reprint) Etk... The visual side of the thing is cut and paste the raw way, but not too fukked (Remains easy readable).
This is a quite good fanzine that fits the fukk criterias of the genre and will contain enough balls or fresh beer explosions to please fans of the style.
Definitely not one of the worse zines I read in this kind...
c/o Depth Charge, PO Box 470, Craigieburn, Vic 3064, AUSTRALIA.