A little annoyed with the arrogance of some coprophiliac elite? Let's talk about a zine to change our minds.
It might sometimes be astonishing how miss Heury and miss Teury go well hand in hand, but it's another cannibal matter, so we'll visit South America one more time to have a few hours of vacations in the Demon's jail! This cage of love might not seem so demonic once you know some of the owner's musical projects (Quite neat techno thrash), but don't judge a jail only by a musical face of the owner, the underground skin pages of this issue indeed contain quite some sickness and rotting perversion.
I have to point this fuckzine has improved since the first issue; There's more content, the articles are longer and vomiting more (s)expression from your frustrated overloaded black genitals; Ok, it's not the absolute soup of viral genesis yet, but there are enough jumping viruses between the words to keep it interesting.
The lay out is quite cool, computer-made like some SHRUNKEN & MUMMIFIED but with more necro appeal that could look like some REPUGNANT cover, and touches of photoshoping fun somewhere between FOEDUS AETERNUS zine (Fra) or RLYEH (Fra) (Might not be as alive though).
Now you could always tickle the Russian roulette of Damocles concerning the bands' choices, because this outfit is not overloaded enough in putrid crepitation for your permanently decomposing needs and that group might not zigzag enough between the very depths and utter ups of thrashing high & low's energetic electrification, but  vibrating for my own tastes I would simply say there's too much of black metal.
Now, some geeky scientist "Pasteur inheritors" might underline this zine isn't very different from many underground zining affairs, maybe I might pong the burning missile, but the editor tries to write some funny articles ("Weird letters" sums up the cum resulting from surprising letter) or to insert some opinions and jokes from time to time.
Quite a lot of reviews are included, sometimes I might want it to be more critical with a bit more ass-burning analysis or bearcare-punching words, but maybe I should restrain a little the morbid flow of thoughts since comparing a quite good zine to an imaginary unrealistic funzining perfection would automatically lead you to reading disappointment. Yes, this zine is quite good, not perfect, but it contains enough rotten necro-testosterone attributes and livid diversity to please the eyes of maniacs who like their underground ugly, with a rotten goat penis under the nose. The editor likes to trade and seems honest with this matter, so get in touch for more underground soap-port. Hum, ok, you want a sexy outroduction? "Sodomize the broken ass bone at full force! Super sonic bang bang! Ah Ah!"

Interviews: Manthra, Mobilizer, Paganfire, Deep vein, Witchcurse, Death invoker, Terror strike, Bestial holocaust, Unaussprechlichen kulten.

c/o Marcelo, Casilla 1560, Correos de Chile, Sucursal Mall Plaza, Antofagasta, CHILE.
Email: Demonsjailzine(a)