So, here is a new (t)issue of D.O.G.N, the small zine that doesn't give a shit and apparently doesn't give a shit about not giving a shit.
This time it doesn't take the form of a small A5 zine, but almost looks like a real zine... With some all-orange paper to make the feel more... Radioactive?
The content follows what the headitor already pustulated before: Music, movies, zines, and other stuffs' reviews... Stuffs that come from the underground, 2nd hand shop, or directly from the sewer... Plus you can feel the penis intrusion of some inties (With Ben Meyer from Nasty Savage, The Frankenhookers).
The tone is the same than before... It seems he still likes to confuse or fuck up the readers with claims la "Divide by zero", but not only...Somewhere it also tastes like old punk'n core opinion zines... I might be right because the headitor seems to have a punk background (And also plays in a punk band).
This is a zine that might please those who like underground state of mind with a punk side, and kinda open-minded (but not open-bottomed! Hu??) musical tastes... Not sure what "Not- underground" peoples would think of it...
The sexy incestuous drawing on the cover makes this issue a real jewel  in your rancid underwears collection.
Then, I guess the conclusion of D.O.G.N's editor could be "Trade or be traded, nigger".
c/o Nocturnal productions, P.O. Box 771142, St. Louis, MO 63177, USA.
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