I know the shortest jokes are the best, at least some punky brewster worshippers seem to think so... But since we aren't Jurassic flies preserved in jars of formaldehyde, here's more dinausorus bullshit for your anti-hermetic needs! One more review of "The zines I can't understand"! (Forced skeleton claps of pity)
This time the "zyn" is again written in the brain tormenting polish tongue, but for strange reasons I had to find it online... Yes, I had to download a zip file to write a review of a paper zine, strange... I didn't receive much cool paper zines lately (Is there a decrease? Or am I asleep?) and I feel like this review is amputated from some life...
Anyway, even if the name of the zine could evoke something like "Pure death metal zine" or "Only black metal is real", the content is quite varied as you can find various kinds of metal such as Death, black or thrash... I can't really say if it's particularly old school since I don't know most of the bands, but at least it doesn't seem too close to the modern anal waves of the genres and mostly focuses on unknown "andegraundowy" (Polish word for "Underground") bands. The interviews aren't too long, but neither very short: The interest will depend on the flavor of questions and answers, but I can't talk about it. There are also some reviews, and what seems to be some short biographies (Or is it more reviews?). The 52 x A4 pages were computer lay-outed, with Winword, Openoffice or another software (Who cares?), it looks clear but not too fancy... Some juicy improvements could be nice at the corner of some pages to give more necro reading-appeal to the whole.
The zine seems to come with a tape compilation, but since I only have the cover as a jpeg file I can't say more about it.
That's all funks, you now have a detailed proof of existence for Deathcicism zine, if you want to know more about the content you could try to use the services of a polish lady or buy a dictionary... Trup sandwicz.
c/o Marek Szymanski, Ul Poznanska 23b/3, 11400 KETRZYN, POLAND.
Email: Deathicism(a)