Let's try to sum it up. Csaba is an older (30+?) fan of Extreme music who doesn't receive many promos, but rather focuses the content of his paper zine on his own researches and underground orders. So, this state of mind fits much more the content of a FAN-ZINE than anything else, now in 2008, when promos can fulfill a fanzine from the ass-bone to the skull (Ah! No promotional space is here for you, you societies of shit who pervert the underground and try to gain some cash or bankablism from our little caves of madness!!). It's a nice pleasure to know the editor choose the bands he interviewed, and he actually choose it according to his tastes (Ok, tastes could always be discussed... But Funk you! (Yes, funk, this word might be more provocative than "fuck" in a Death metal zine lol) We aren't here for psychology, and the editor doesn't seem to be too influenced by the worst sheep-influenced waters of the underground) and so these interviews are cool to read... It's obviously personalized, quite varied... Cool. Especially since it's basically a Death metal zine! Ah.
There are also quite a lot of reviews in this issue (There were none in the first one), but the English isn't perfect, so I have to switch my mind on the "adaptation" level (Even if we don't reach a second or first degree of "Perfectible englishism"... It remains drinkable). Since it's a FAN-ZINE, you won't get all the last new stuffs released the last 3 months, but since it's an underground zine, there will be demos and other stuffs you might not know, including some cool stuffs.
It isn't cut'n paste, but Ok-computer-done.
I'll conclude with: DEADLY ILLNESS is a cool underground Death metal zine that was made without bloody claims, but with enough coolness. It's worth the read for those who don't like it too retro, too necro, too brutal, or too ("Insert the next underground trend here"), but just like it cool and feeling targeted.

Interviews: Abominat, Death breath, Lie in ruins, Obskure torture, Diskord, Excoriate, Gorephilia, Hatespawn, Catalepsy, Crucifist, Aanal Beehemoth...

c/o Poller Csaba, Budapest 1183, Nimrod u.73, HUNGARY.