Entrapped in the grotesque. Spilling the metallic blood of damnation on the 4 facets of sarcastic entrapement. Banging your head on the infinite walls of confinement.
Rupture. Massive overdrive on spasms of abject deliria. Dehumanized screamings. As the body stops to feel, the massive putrefaction can deliciously crepitate as once. Once again!
What you could see in there, you maniacs and addicts of an old style of fukking Death (or better said "crucifying metal currently denied and disparaged by the current translucent plastic metal scene"), is an old styled A5 fanzine focused on old school Death metal! But I mean Death metal an early way, not a vaguely old styled brutal death or not so modern usual death many poofters like to call "Hold skull" to play the nekkro game and impress their little grave-addicted gothobitch ... Yes, Death metal like Entombed, early Death, Morgoth, Early Dismemburp and the burning likes... Now spit about the content: The spit-out is done in a rushed spit and paste way, so it looks both chaotic, quite wobbly, with some ugly teenage drawings... Like many old fanzines. Since most of the content was spit in Swedish, I couldn't let much scotch flow from my cancerous mouth and characterize all what the fuck could be said in there, but if you're an unlucky piece of shit trying to live in the country that gave birth to gothenburp, you could read interpukes with: KAAMOS, NECROVATION, BLOODY SIGN, MORBID INSULTER, DEEP VEIN, TRIBULATION, SCARVENGER and CORRUPT.
Deadbanger really looks like some more than 10 years old little fukkzines I have in my collection.
So, that is almost all, you fucken fukkers. To be reviewed in the next issue of DEADBANGER, or order your copy, get in touch with Jesper in there: (Sexual harassements are fucking hellcome!)

Update: Don't send promos to this lazy pooffter unless you're ready to wait one year.