Crypts of eternity is already haunting the morbid caves of Death metal since five years and released this fourth issue at the end of macabre year 2010.
If you have followed some of his necrotic paper releases, you probably noticed the size of cadaveric-compost-rendering increased to now reach 96 pages, an amount of pages to strictly focus on old school Death metal, necro Death metal, old styled obscure brutality... This is really a specialized zine and those who dig strict musical closemindedness towards the morbid should be quite pleased and recadaverizing in laughter.
I like the fact the editor says, in the editorial, we should be careful with new old school Death bands and shouldn't blindly worship anything apparently morbid because he feels a Death metal trend is going to explode, and so some bands with not so pure ambitions will appear... I have a bit of doubts with some outfits featured in this issue, but it was good that he expressed what torments his skull.
The reviews are quite honest and descriptive, he gives the opinion of a death-metaller the old school way. Sometimes I would like to be mentally punched by deeper thoughts and a bit more of analysis, but maybe there's not enough space in a zine to write 1 page long reviews (And maybe I'm cutting the goat hair in four pieces).
The interviews are serious and personalized, so those who would need to learn more about a band, the Death metal way, could be interested. (I need to say questions and answers should be more clearly separated).
The lay-out of the zine is strict, and the font makes it look quite ancient.
If you're into old school Death, an underground way, pile dusty obscure demos and can't live without feasting on the ugly analogic emanations, you could surely rejoice a morbid way with the undead pages of CRYPTS OF ETERNITY. Personally I would like to feel a bit more of craziness or read few questions from another world, to redynamize my necrotic attention, but you can't always get the butter, the bottom and the worship of the goat. The enormous pile of cadavers also called "earth" keeps rolling.

Interviews: Deteriorot, Anatomia, Vasaeleth, Coffin texts, Necrovorous, Grave miasma, Shub niggurath, Demonic rage, Disma, Infinitum obscure, Imprecation, Cardiac arrest, Ominous crucifix, Stench of decay, Nocturnal vomit, Cruciamentum, Father befouled...

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