Complete necro, complete fuck, complete spikes in your bleeding ass!
More polish zines, this is not a surprise, but this one edited by a guy who plays in GOAT TYRANT is a bit different... It's a bit more "Metal metal", if you're not too rusty to hear what I'm saying... It's metal metal in the old tradition of drunk and old school energy, but it's not too nostalgic and rather focused on the current obscure underground scene... The quite straight-to-the-point approach, as well as some taste for the fornication middle-finger between black and Death reminds me of Desecration of virgin zine, even if the writing is a bit more developed; Some reviews or writings could remind of Hellpike zine.
Visualwize, the bitch isn't particularly sophisticated, it's quite clear and readable computer paragraphs pasted on some backgrounds or with bullets around it... (We're there to read, but a bit more visual seduction could be nice).
The usual matter of tastes made my interest vary between the ups and the lows, but globally it's a cool/ drinkable fanzine that could please fans of the style.
Now there are quite a lot of roarzines dealing with the same styles under a quite close approach (Especially in South east Asia or South America) so every potential readers might not rush their decrepiting fingers on Complete Necro as if it was a remedy to leprosy... It will depend on your thirst... But I'd like to conclude with "More fanzines you juicy bitch!"

Interviews: Suicidal winds, Ares kingdom, Ruins, Destruktor, Shackles, Goatlord, Necros christos, Drowned, Vulcano, Zemial...

c/o Michal Dolinski, Ul Krasinskiego 18 B, 93110 TCZEW, POLAND.