According to the name of the fanzine and its artwork, you could imagine it's focused on old school death metal (Possibly from Sweden), but it's not the case.
This new Italian zine deals with underground metal, both Death metal, black metal, thrash metal and other close metallic genres to be in an old school mood.
I'm not able to really understand the Italian language, but this doesn't seem to be a bad shot for a first issue: The 30 x A5 pages doesn't contain loss of space, the interviews doesn't seem too short for most (Even if there's no endless stream of metallic vomiturition, but if answers are cool the writing of a book isn't necessary). Most of the layout is cut'n paste but not too chaotic (So not too hard to read).
There are also short articles (Italian thrash attack, Protector...) and 35 reviews (Mostly short and hand-written (But quite clear to read)).
As written above, I can't really have an idea about the content, but it doesn't seem to be bad, might be a quite cool first issue of a new underground zine.

Interviews: Ghostrider, Necrocapra, Aftermath, Jester beast, Black propaganda, Homicide Hagridden, Braind dead, Blasfemia, Foad recs...

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