After 14 years of hiatus, this fanzine is back for the fun and coolness of the underground. I won't say I used to know it "back then" because I didn't (Anyway I'm not here to have the biggest old school dick! Huh!) so a comparison with previous procreations isn't possible, but reading the zine for what it is I can tell you:

What I like:
-The quite relaxed state of mind (In the inties for example) and enthusiasm.
-The drawings of the editor that look like some gory comics, taste both funny and morbid.
-The layout of the zine that remembers me the cool computer-layouted "mags" from 1998

What I don't like so much:
-The fact goregrind takes quite some space, maybe 1/4 (Never been a fan of it)
-The quite relaxed state of mind (Some inties' questions could be a bit more "complex")
-Reviews that globally go a bit too positive (But maybe he reviewed only stuffs he likes).

The editor told me he didn't know what to really think and wondered how peoples would react because he didn't practice funzining since a long time... Well there's nothing to be particularly ashamed of. It's globally a nicely cool zine with personalized artworks (A plus!) that could tease the tastes of those who like their extreme music to settle somewhere between RAZORBACK Recs' stuffs, underground brutal death (Not too wanky or Bruu bruu) and touches of not too distant styles...
Now some peoples who used to release decent Brutal death/ Grind zines prefer to flood us with their CDs or CDr for whatever reasons, it might be a cool idea to support CEREBRAL FALLOUT Zine!

Interviews: Gruesome stuff relish, Engorged, Cardiac arrest, Mental killing spree, Abörted hitler cock

c/o Mark K. , Watson Crescent 25/4, EH11 1EZ, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.