While all this computerized crap is running all around your head and bumping your conscioussness as a big metal-ball-razorblade, while all this websteries and virtual scenesteries are the best way to get lost in a big maelstrom of roles, false games and sterile unpersonality... You feel frustrated, lost and wondering what the fuck it has to do with Metal and Underground! What you need is a real paper zine done the right way! And what would be better than a quite long running zine to smell and plunge into what should reveal the essence of the real obscure underground?
I recently ordered this not so new issue of CERBERUS. At the beginning my feelings where mixed since it has its share of quite melodic Black metal and the layout in itself looks quite usual and absolutely not done in an "appealing-advertisement-looking- manner': simple and clean... but when I began to read the interviews I knew it was worth it: these interviews are well rounded, quite long and quite interesting, even when you're not interested in the questionned band's music. The whole is calmly but firmly, thought, quite personal... some needed attitude most of these Internet metal petzines lack! Those who axe-broke their screen could read inties with: MORTEM, THYRANE, DECAYED, DOLORIAN, HEGEMON, POTENTIAM, SEAR BLISS, THE CHASM and KRIS VERWIMP. I'm not that interested in the reviews since those of the editors don't follow my tastes... but as always it's a matter of tastes and the way these are written seems respectable! All in all a fanzine I'd advice to those who like their readings seriously made, with thoughts; underground, with a tendance to follow an old school mood; and not utterly extreme, at the right border between Death and black metal. CERBERUS will release an 8th issue in the midle of this year, it's supposed to be the last one for several reasons, including peoples' lack of interest in paper zines... If you're into fanzines and embrace the metallic styles and state of mind followed by CERBERUS, drop them an email because it wouldn't be cool to see another quite interesting fanzine die! FORGET THE WEB AND SUPPORT THE REAL DEAL!