Here's a new metal fanzine coming from France. The editor initially wanted to focus a lot on the current Death metal scene, but the content has liquefied to the neighbor styles, and so what you will read is all underground metal, yet with a bit more Death metal than anything.
The state of mind is fresh, somewhere it's not so far from the first issue of Danish REEK, but it's not the same.
Inside of the A5 pages, you will mostly find interviews (with STENCH OF DECAY, NECROS, BLOODY SIGN, RESISTANCE, UNDER SIEGE Recs and XANADOO) that are generally quite good and not too short. There are few zine reviews. As the editor didn't feel too convenient with reviewing music, he did a quite long article of what he liked lately (Some kind of described playlist, or agglomeration of short reviews). The layout is quite cut'n paste, but not so fancy, it remains clear (Maybe a bit too much).
A bit more of personality and inner bowel juice could be nice sometimes. The English is not perfect but decent.
For a first issue it's not bad, but a bit more of something (It's him to find) could be good to underline some personality, to differ a bit from other current zines... So let's see how it evolves.
Ps: He also runs a label distro under the same name.


Email: carbonizedju (a)