The goats of all defenestration.
The symbols of all forced windows ejecting suicides.
Give me a beak, and I'll answer back with a goat.

Some readers might wonder if the editor of this Spanish zine could be involved in an occult activity such as excrementomancy (After all his publication is called black hand, right?), but the half necro beak won't be allowed to answer.
This looks like a quite typical underground zine: 56 x A5 pages dancing necro disco with the 3 friends and brothers: Death, black, and thrash, from the huge metal family.
Their satanic Saturday night fever materializes through the form of inties and reviews of a decent length, unfortunately tonight the photographers weren't that good and a small amount of photos were included (The computer layout also needs a bit of fantasy... A bit of something like... Necro disco?)
The fanzine contains quite an amount of content, and might please some underground readers, but I'm sorry to inform you I won't be able to say a lot more about this zine, since it's Spanish written.
I you feel lonely gore lonely, then replace the legs of the goat with wings, and keep it morbid.

Interviews: Destruktor, Ataraxy, Gaedhil, Loan, Of Darkness, Reino Ermitaņo, Riotor y Unsilence.

c/o Miguel Sanchez Rodriguez, C/ Teniente Hernandez Diaz, n° 1 1°B, 18600 Motril (Granada), SPAIN.
Email! blackhandzine(a)