Even though the moniker of this fanzine sounds like it's located in South America and deals with bestial black/ death, this is from Denmark and mostly talks about new "old styled" Death metal bands from Scandinavia.
This is a first issue of a pretty young guy, and you will see it at the level of freedom of speech (It's a bit too shy), visuals (These hand drawn margins... What the fuck?) and the fact a part of the inties are short as a quite premature ejacula(BIP!)... But hopefully for the dusty readers who dared to order a copy, about half of the interviews are longer, more informative, and make the whole quite worth the read (At least it makes it more decent for a first "necro" issue, as I could learn more than in some other first paper releases of young guys).
There are a couple of reviews, it's quite short and enthusiastic... More analysis and expression of your feelings please.
There are 28 x A4 pages, all texts being computer typed.
So this first issue contains its share of things to improve, macerate longer, deeper, and I didn't feel passionated a burning way, but I think there's enough of stuffs to make it visually edible and not too brutally disappointing for zine readers. If the editor keeps on rotting and improves his questioning/ reviewing, this zine could turn into something cool for those connected to the new school of old school Scandinavian trend.
Painful maceration is mandatory!

Interviews: Stench, Kill-town death fest, Undergang, Putrid, Ensnared, Swallowed.

c/o Andreas Trap-Jensen, Reinettevej 3, 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark.
Email: Rottendeath(a)