I wasn't too fond of the new paper zines I could find the last months (I'm thinking about new zines, not new issues of existing zines), after a while too much of necro, "metal of death", or conservatism can be boring and dissolve the initial goal of the music (The mighty bodily feeling) in salts of necro...
So this first issue of BELLS OF ACHERON was a cool surprise, it is old school, focused on a couple of old styled metal genres, and doesn't forget to be cool.
The nicest pages of the zine are the interviews, it's quite personalized and can provide quite cool reading, it's also nice to see a couple of musicians are interrogated concerning their current and past bands/ activities.
As often I don't enjoy the music of every bands in the interviews' list, but there was enough for me to be satisfied with the whole.
Nice to see the editor didn't forget his freedom of speech, it's funny to see the guitarist of LUCIFERION got upset about some questions and instructed to these be removed... But instead the editor published the whole email slags.
The English is not perfect, but it doesn't bother me too much.
There are also reviews. The layout is clear to read, for 64 pages printed on beige paper, with a size to be a bit bigger than A5.
BELLS OF ACHERON could be a cool, or very cool, zine to read for those who like it old school (But not too much), especially dealing with Death metal, with doors opened towards other close metal genres.
Keep the bells ringing, for the Acheron keeps on vomiting its flows of pain for more than a few years.

Interviews: Eternal Solstice, Grave/ Torture Division/ Krux, Hail Of  Bullets/ Gorefest, Verminous, Disembowelment/ Dusk, Haemorrhage, Sadistic Intent, Equinox/ Druid Lord, Diocletian, Luciferion, Swallowed, Hooded Menace, Deus Otiosus, Force Of  Darkness, Amon, Excoriate, Nuclear Hammer,  Dominus Praelii, Noise And Shit Mag, Diabolical  Messiah,  Capilla Ardiente/ Procession...

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