Here's a new Death metal zine released in this wave of the new-new-school-of-old-school-Death metal (That might invade all the underground if it grows bigger and intensifies putridly speaking) that contains a quite cool choice of interviewed bands: GRAVEYARD, NAUSEANT, CRUCIAMENTUM, CACODAEMON/ LANTERN, VANHELGD, KARNARIUM, INFINITUM OBSCURE, FORCE OF DARKNESS, STARGAZER, FATHER BEFOULED and COSMIC ATROPHY (Ok, there are not only N-NSOOSDM bands... The editor "Gives praise and support to worthy, hard-working bands" and seems happy Death metal grows stronger again). These are informative, personalized and sometimes with a bit more of thought, but also sometimes too classical as it could explore deeper or different topics (To re-energize the reading beast ahah). There are also few but quite long reviews and an ABSU live report.
Well, I expected this zine to be a bit longer, but for a first issue it's not bad and stands as quite encouraging for the following.
Hope the second comet will reach our planet with more pages and a bit more personality, since the world eater needs a stronger ass-kick to be fully awaken from his centuries long sleep...

c/o Matthew Fisher, 4344 Brook Ave, St Louis Park, MN 55424, USA.