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ALEXANDER STOLYAROV Newsletter. Issues 25-26 & 27-28

Even in these days of massive Internet overdoses, it occurs that you receive surprising fanzine alike publications.
In this case, I'm talking about this one page newsletter, ran by a guy who lives in Ukraine.
First surprising point, the whole was hand written, but done in a so careful manner that you would surely mistake it for some computer if you didn't look closer.
Then, the level of English is above the average: It seems well written, and I don't know about a third of these English words (It brings back remembrances of my first years of cerebral efforts with the foreign zines haha).
Finally, and in my opinion the most important, the content of the reviews is quite strange: More than half of the writing do not deal with music, nor develop an ambiance or a deliria linked to the album... What I can read is opinions about past East Europe history, geopolitical tensions and others things of this kind... I don't know if it should be taken as sarcasm, free flowing thoughts, or anything else... The editor says he doesn't want to become some boring and loosy critic, but it doesn't really make sense when his writing (apparently) has nothing to do with the music... I might need few snail mails to get an idea of what the writer really means... A nice newsletter, for its quite well written English.

c/o Alexander Stolyarov, Rosa luxemburg St. 50-11, 71112 BERDYANSK, UKRAINE.