I already saw some drawings of Nagawika in the French paper zine "Le moignon"; Now he's back with an underground comic that deals with metal... No, no industry, no factory, no industrial music, we're talking about metal with big guitars and (sometimes) hairy balls... Target 80's, hard rock, heavy metal, big tits, big beers, big bears (sometimes) and you'll be closer to this story of the Belgian metal band ACID.
On a visual point of view, this isn't the same style I kinda enjoyed in his previous drawings, it's more simple (Sometimes too much), but after a bit of care you notice some nice things such as the expression of faces (That work nicely)... Sometimes, I might say the style could be a bit like Gotlib meets old (early?) Bilal, but these are only 2 elements from the floral variety that lives in the carnivorous flower pot... Maybe he was also influenced by the French "mag" Psychopath (lol) or some manga? I don't know, I almost left the comics world years ago, it was too tiring to listen music with the eyes...
Now, you also need to read about the story: This is a journey of the band ACID that travels to finally play in a festival, and you can see the usual elements that compose the life of a band... The story is nice, typical music world stuffs... The drawing edge is a bit too simple, but this last point might make it easily readable (Than heavy loaded pages with too many details everywhere) and globally the whole is easy to follow.
This first strike of the new UG (Are we Indians?) comics publisher "Satanicats comics" isn't ground breaking, but quite welcome, and it might entertain (beer?) metallers or fans of underground publications.
To get a copy, stick your cunt on an envelope and send it to: