When you wait for the arrival of an Asian fanzine, you never know what to expect... Some are neat and well written in good english, some do not have a so nice layout or reader-friendly english...
ABYSMAL SCRIPTURES lies somewhere between these two cases. The fanzine is focused on all kinds of extreme metal, be it death, brutal death, thrash or black metal; the main motive seems to be "Support the underground!". Even if the motivation they have is a cool thing, I must say the layout is quite fucked up, it doesn't separate enough the flesh from the bones (Understand reviews from each others, or questions from answers... and the size of texts is a bit too small) as it seems like it was done in a rush! Maybe they don't own a computer and had to do all the stuffs in an expensive cyber coffee? Then the cut and paste answer might be a good choice!
The english is okey, and the interviews are long enough to be informative (Even if some of these bands kinda fucking suck héhé)... A shame the reviews are so short!!
I always like to receive new fanzines, as it involves more effort, blood and money than any of all these countless "Click and become a cybernetic pornstar" of webzines, but I must say ABYSMAL SCRIPTURES is only an average fanzine... Mostly due to the average layout and too short reviews... For the next issue, hope they will improve it!
They seem to be serious concerning answering snail-mails and sending trades, so if you want some deep underground contacts in Singapore, that might be an okey choice.

Interviews: Imperial hordes, Deadmoon, Thorn, Grabschander, Putridity, Prayer book zine, Vow dreams, Litham, Desaster, Nefarious Azarak, Atavism, Violator, The no-mads, Excarnated.

c/o Al Fahmi, Yishun central Post Office, PO Box 420, SINGAPORE 917614.