Some of you are probably familiar with Vampire Magazine, for more than a couple of years it used to be a metal webzine covering various kinds of metal, including the underground ones (That's why I liked it, there were quite many demo reviews).
Now a part of the staff is back under the ''VM Underground'' name, under the form of a Pdf zine, and focuses for most on old school Death metal (Even if a bit of thrash or black metal can be found).
Even though it's in Pdf form, this issue looks ready to be printed and wouldn't feel particularly bad next to a regular paper fanzine, if it was materialized on paper: The layout is quite clear, with some decent drawn margins here or more computer made layout there.
Concerning the content, the choice of interviews follows what you could imagine from an old school death zine released the last years, and so you can find quite cool chats with: DECOMPOSED, TRENCHROT, NECROT, FUNERAL WHORE, UNDER THE CHURCH, GRAVECRUSHER, OBSCURE INFINITY, BLEEDING GODS, EVIL INVADERS, MORTILLERY, GOAT TORMENT, GAMA BOMB... (And some kind of biographies of EVOCATION and GOREMENT).
For the reviews, the content is quite cool to read, but there's a lot of new old school death metal releases and I must confess I got an overdose of soundalike bands, so I wasn't able to correctly pay attention to all the stuffs... But For those who still have a daily "hard on" for swedeath (For example) it should be cooler.
For next time a few advices could be to try and diversify a little the style of the reviews (Perhaps adding a zest of poetry, some play on words, or juicy porno quotes (Hmmm, not this one...)), and also diversify a bit the drawn margins.
I think I read the main editor is trying to have the second issue printed on real paper (Made from the trees, do you believe it?), so some current death metal enthusiasts could have something cool to put into their hands.
(Ps: If the zine staff plans to have headquarters, I suggest to call it the ''Vampire state building'' :hydrolol: )

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