Resting in the underworld,
with the underworms,
Decrypting early pagan scriptures,
To try and taste the saviors of the dark spiritual matters.

This is not a new fanzine, the editor used to release some issues years ago while he was located in Philippines, but since fanzines from this country rarely escape South east Asia for economic reasons, you probably didn't hear about it.
This is an underground fanzine focused on underground metal, rather the "old school" or "old" genres. Death metal, brutal death, black metal, thrash...
It contains mostly bands you don't know.
The style of interviews depends, some are rather the "promotional" ones and others are more personalized.
Personally, I kinda enjoyed those of FESTER or MORGENGRAU (A quite cool old school death/ thrash band that wasn't too promoted in Europe apparently)...
(I know, I didn't read every interviews or each ones completely, so my global review can't really be realistic, but as I grow older I tend to be more pleased with nice curves than words... AhAh)
The computer layout is okey, but could contain a bit more juicy savior (No allusion to porn here).
There are also reviews of fanzines and records.
Enclosed is a CDr compilation with tracks of the interviewed bands.
UNDERWORLD is a quite cool underground zine that could please those who like to discover small bands. The editor also runs a label and released a couple of CDs.

Interviews: Fester, Severance, Morgengrau, Hod, Disfigurement, Hate beyond, Usul, Blast perversion; Incapacitate, Mongrel's cross, Nervecell, Warzy...
Email: underworldzinecomp(a)