This sunday there was an hour of electric power cut, I spent some time browsing 3 paper zines for more contacts, in the hunt for snail mail addresses. There was almost none; Neither for the paper zines... Is this because almost no one sends letters anymore (I'm not thinking about packages, but real letters) or everyone became too paranoid to show his home address? (Perhaps Google knows the answer...)
TESTAMENT is not a new fanzine, but since it's located in Peru and the content is Spanish written, probably things made it harder to get in touch and exchange items (And maybe there was no emergency to read a fanzine in an unknown tongue).
The styles of metal are quite old school, there's no über modern genres, neither ultra old school necro suffocation. You find some death, black, thrash and other cemetery neighbors.
The interviews are of reasonable/ usual length for most, while some are longer (Bones, Denial of god, Forgotten tomb, Chaos inception...) and there's a bigger one of PHLEBOTOMIZED in the middle. There are also reviews.
The layout is computer made, some pages look quite cool, while for a few the background is a bit too present (Yet you're still able to read). The zine also contains a poster (Mx/ Forgotten tomb) and a DVD with 34 metal videos).
There are some adverts here and there, but hopefully nothing from "underground major" labels (I see enough bullshit merchandising stickered on the CDs in music supermarkets).
I initially felt the zine was perhaps a bit small in size (There are 36 x A4 pages, but with no waste of space at all) until I remembered the economic situation in Peru, weighted the zine, and found it probably falls just under 100 grams everything included (Zine + DVD + poster + envelope). This is probably an optimization of metallic weight to avoid any rape at the post office (To multiply the postage by 666 for only 3 pages isn't probably a good idea).
This was my describing review. READ MORE ZINES IF YOU HAVE EYES.

Interviews: Phlebotomized, Denial of god, Mx, Shining, Forgotten tomb, Chaos inception, Pandemonium, Alfahanne, De silence et d'ombre, Nechochwen, Sacrilegious impalement, Bones, Fervent hate.

Email: testamentmag(a)