TALES OF THE MORBID BUTCHERS Newsletter - March 2014

I received a couple of copies from this free Hungarian newsletter, let's reviews one.
This issue is bigger than the previous ones, this time it's 8 x A5 pages and contains an interview with Juan Carlos from LEGION OF TORTURE zine/ DEATH INVOKER... "what? Only an interview?" will say some.... Yes, but if the questions are classical, the victim of the interview is talking quite a lot, first about his fanzine, then about his band...
Some peoples might imagine Hungarian torture tactics are very bleeding and efficient, but the truth is Juan Carlos has a lot of things to say about underground and metal.
I kinda disagree with him modern technology helps to sell and distribute zines, maybe it's true if you consider the last 5 years (or so) where it might have helped zine-makers a little, but on the long term technology has massively diminished the potential amount of readers/ buyers for zines, not only in the fact of replacing paper content with Internet websites but also diminishing the interest of potential readers for anything written. Many peoples download 3 rar files on a blog, check 3 videos on youtube, read a couple of textphone like messages on facebook, but don't read much of anything... Perhaps reading isn't enough "productive" neither enough of an instant pleasure...
To stop the tongue, and finish this review: There's no review in this newsletter, but the editor also runs a bigger fanzine with the usual stuffs you would expect.
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