This is a new zine, but the editor used to be a part of AQUELARRE (Another fanzine that released its first issues in the 90's, or something).
The pages contain both unknown underground bands and very "famous" outfits (For metal) .
You'll mostly find interviews, their content is informative and the answering isn't bad, but sometimes you would like to learn more (I mean you get some infos/ news, but perhaps not of a so big philosophical tone... (Are there peoples philosophing that much in our modern world of everything super-fast, super-quantity, super-everything?))
The layout was computer made, but kinda looks like a 90's fanzine, with some nice drawn margins here and there. (Perhaps some peoples would like to see more margins' content, but it is cool enough this way, and at least my glasses aren't drown in visual chaos).
During the 96 x A4 pages, you also see some live reports and reviews, sometimes provided by contributors.
The cover artwork and a couple of pages contain the cool drawings of Mortuus, it looks metal & old school, but also quite relaxed/ cool and not too serious.
This is a cool/ quite cool zine, I didn't get a reading orgasm (Well, not sure if my own writings could provide someone with this kind of reading sensations... It's only my reader's point of view) but it could be pleasant for peoples to read and relax on the throne of darkened burning fumes. And due to the amount of stuffs inside, perhaps everyone could find a bit for his tastes?

Interviews: Artillery, Amon, Nocturnus, Cancer, Suffocation, Obituary, Napalm death, Autopsy, Whiplash, Cardiac arrest, Cobra, Sinata,
  Madrost, Kraken, Corsair, Sunlord, Desarme, Necroriser, Shadowhost, Attacker, Kobra and the lotus, Zavotage, Kh...

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