"Monkey greazo" could perhaps be the name of this zine, in another dimension were papier is replaced with baobab leafs, because you'll find many monkey pictures and drawings in the backgrounds and margins of this A5 zine... Not only the funny monkeys, but also the angry, ugly, thinking or surprised ones. Perhaps the editor dreams about porn movies with female monkeys happening in a Russian spaceship during the 70's? Who knows (I don't own a future telling dildo).
Anyway of the monk, this is an underground zine that kinda crossed my PO Box by surprise. Most of the content is focused on underground metal, but you might find a few other close genres. There are a couple of no brainstorm interviews (Cannabis corpse, Thorhammer, U.S.O, Cannibal bitch) and quite a lot of reviews (Mostly records, a bit of movies). The layout is cut'n paste, with some visual chaos, but remains clear enough.
This could be some kind of refreshing visual soda if you dig deep underground publications. 44 pages. Not available yet in your local zoo.
Email: artyflores59(a)