Some peoples like big cars.
Some love big tits.
Some dig big asses...

... Some prefer big zines!

HEADBANGERS is one of the two biggest zines I received the last two years, to make it short: It contains 214 x A5 pages.
This is mostly about old school heavy metal, with a bit of old thrash, death metal or black metal here and there.
Not having a big knowledge of old school Heavy metal, I was a bit afraid the content could be more or less "mainstream" (You know, with some Nuclear blast or Spv "Power metal" bands from 10 years ago), but no, this is often focused on smaller bands that play a style closer to the 80's.
There are a lot of interviews. The kind varies from a band to another: You will find some "underground promo" interviews with small bands, and more personalized ones with older outfits, in quite equal portions.
I wasn't able to read everything yet (214 pages...) but I liked the interviews of HOLOCAUST, NOMINOM, MUCKY PUP... Those of VIRGIN STEELE and TOXIK didn't seem to be bad either... But the one of GRAVE was a bit short... Some other inties seemed to be quite long enough but I don't know those bands...
There are also quite many reviews: Old albums, demos, Cds, gigs.
The layout was computer made, in a clear manner. The margins could be more varied, it becomes repetitive after a while, but maybe there are already enough stuffs inside?
To prove myself this was a thick zine, I used it to kick my head and it worked quite well (Not as well as an old address book or dictionary, but you could use it to smash some bothering skulls and shut down blabbers).
This fanzine is a collaboration between 10 peoples, so you can't easily underline a single "Tone of metal", but I would say it's globally quite relaxed, not too brainshaking, even if it's not funny/ drunk or exuberant.
Maybe it reminds me some kind of "magazine" or some old school webzines (You could find 10 years ago (Those with more than a couple writers) not the current promo zines) but in a more underground manner.
On a purely personal and deep opinion, I would have liked to read more brain-shaking and more questions tormenting the minds of the bands to extract more metal juice from their skulls, but I'm conscious it's not possible at all during 200+ pages (All the more in the current necro-economic situation).
How to conclude when I'm not familiar with a lot of these bands and didn't read more than 50% of the zine? I'll say it could be interesting for fans of heavy metal (The underground manner) because it's big and sold for a quite cheap price, so you have something like "Two zines for the price of one".

Interviews: Holocaust, Toxik, Attic, Nominon, Iron kobra, Titan, Virgin steele, Antropomorphia, Grave, Serpent, After all, 1st avenue, Jag panzer, Damien thorne, Denial of god, Insane, Moritz, Regicide, Thorax, Rock ignition, Shrine, Speedbreaker, Tanatos, Tempter, Vanguard, Wyrocznia, Mucky pup, Sentimental voyage, Sleepy hollow, Soaking wet, Ruler, Thunderbolt...

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