This is a quite cool old school heavy metal zine, that also visits the borders of other old fashioned arts (Painting and writing).
Due to the focus on the underground, a part of the bands featured in there will remain unknown to many, and a part of the interviews follows some kind of "promotional" way (In the good meaning of the word: The editor interests himself to the bands), but as often the content turns out to be more interesting when the editor interviews bands he likes more personally, and sometimes follows since years: In this case it could be a kind of magic in the answers of John Arch (Fates Warning), Manilla road (Even if half is about history/ writings) or Bruce Pennington (A painter)...
The live report of a 2-3 days heavy/ doom festival that occurred in Greece wasn't bad also.
To describe the tone of the zine, I would say it is serious and quite down to earth (He doesn't like too exuberant humor apparently), so it is easy to read, even if a little too classical by moments.
There are 76 pages, in A5 format, and itís coming from England.
This is a quite cool zine, nothing exceptional, but cool enough to be worth some bucks and some
  eye attrition.

Interviews: John Arch (Fates Warning), Manilla road, Convixion, Dark Forest, Perry Grayson, Bruce Pennington, Witch Hazel...

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