CHRONICLES #1 (Underground metal zine, Norway)










"Don't judge a book by its cover" is a sentence that might sound a bit old, especially in these days when peoples base so much on appearance and superficial communication, but it's still a valid line of thought, so we'll rather "Judge the worm by its bowels".
CHRONICLES is a new fanzine, and despite of a very simple cover (An old school logo on white background) the content is better than the average: What you'll find is quite long and in depths (This word has lost quite some meaning recently... Many zines claim to be "In depths") interviews, with bands the editor knows enough and cares enough about to make quite interesting readings (This is quite absolutely true for the ones of ARES KINGDOM and PENTAGRAM).
Ok, the style of writing is a bit classical and the approach doesn't come with thunderous ideas of genius, but the content is interesting and depthly/ depthtified (If that word exists lol)  enough not to care about some little drawbacks.
The zine mostly comes with interviews; There are no reviews and in replacement you could find quotes of articles taken from old 80's/ 90's zines (sometimes "funny", sometimes refreshing, sometimes I don't know... Why not).
The layout is simple and clear, with some margins here and there...
I didn't expect anything particular, just randomly traded this issue after receiving a request, but the content is a quite cool surprise.

Interviews: Ares kingdom, Pentagram (Chi), Sol negro, Patrons of the rotting gate, Audiopain, Blood mortized.

Email: steinar.selsto(a)